Guitar Gear Review: Thalia Capos – Form Follows Function

In the music world, we have many times when form follows function. The first Les Paul looked like a log. A few years later it was a work of art featuring beautifully figured tops and brilliant sunburst finishes. However, every flashy guitar, amp, or gadget to hit the markets has not proven itself to be as functional as the Les Paul. When it is the case when the form does follow function we need to applaud the achievement.

Today we are going to look at a company that has made this achievement, Thalia Capo. Thalia Capo not only approaches the capo with a new function but visually the product is stunning. Thalia Capos look more like jewellery than they do a guitar accessory. However, do not let the glitz and glamour of this product fool you the Thalia Capo is a powerful tool to add to your gig bag.

When designing the Thalia Capo the designers not only were thinking out of the box but they threw away all traditional rules. The lever arm on the Thalia Capo is rotated 180 degrees from what you expect from a conventional capo. Surprisingly this allows the guitarist to attach and remove the capo in a quicker fashion. It also allows you to move the capo up and down the neck mid-song opening up a host of sonic possibilities.

When designing the Thalia Capo a lot of thought went into keeping your instrument in tune. The Thalia Capo comes with interchangeable fretpads to make sure the capo is matching your fretboard radius. These Teflon infused fretpads ensure a reliable connection to the neck providing a pure and brilliant tone.

While the function of the Thalia Capo is obviously great, what about the form? These capos look like a piece of high-end jewellery. The metal finishes are brilliant and are inlaid with everything from mother of pearl to maple. The product is so beautiful it may distract to potential user away from the performance of this incredible tool. You are not being fooled the Thalia Capo is as functional as it is stunning.

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