EA Responds to Community Criticism of Battlefront 2 Unlock System

Videogame Roundtable Episode 316: Rolling Ones

This week’s podcast has been seriously delayed due to Jonah’s computer going belly up, then having to deal with reinstalling everything. Not to worry, however, since everything on the old hard drive was saved. If that weren’t enough, Jonah is enjoying his new Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition.

The news of the week includes:

EA responds to community criticism of Battlefront 2 unlock system
L.A. Noire remaster requires 29GB, forcing Switch version to require MicroSD card
Physical media still “nation’s format of choice” for video games, says eBay
Xbox One S available for lowest price yet

If that weren’t enough, there’s about 30 minutes of outtakes we’re saving for the future as the gang talks about 2018. But that’s for an Outtakes episode.

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