Joe Black “Blackenstein”….Rocks

Joe Black’s first solo album – Blackenstein – does not have a bad cut on the entire album. The title song could be the answer or possible sequel to Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein” as Black goes about painting a different picture for each piece on the CD. Unlike some artists who can’t seem to get out of their own way, repeating the same style and guitar riff(s) repetition, Joe Black likes to keep the listener’s attention by adding clever twists. You can, however, hear some possible influences that may have inspired the founding member of Ball and Chain for this collection of material.

Although Black stays within the eighties and nineties classic hard rock genre – for the most part – he does delve into multiple genres, as with the track “Uncle Elihja” with its southern-tinged rock flavor to it – very reminiscent of a Lynyrd Skynyrd feel. It’s nice to hear a newly written essay paying homage to a veteran classic rock band. “Monster” belongs in a horror film – a classic Halloween slasher kind of flick where you can visualize the villain doing his dirty work with “Monster” playing throughout it.

“Shake A Leg” has some LedZeppelin overtones surrounding its aura while “I Care About You” is paying respect to the great power ballads of a metal time gone by while painting a portrait of love one may have for a significant other. “Armageddon,” the first CD single, will keep the hair band fans happy, but its statement and vision takes it beyond that format. This cd has such an infectious sound that it will just keep you wanting more, 31 minutes and 47 seconds is just not long enough….it’s over before it even really gets started. Encore.

Thanks to guest contributor Ed Wrobleski