AP International Announces Distribution of Tone Vise Locking Nut

AP International, manufacturer, and distributor of Floyd Rose Tremolo Systems, is pleased to announce the distribution of the new Tone Vise keyless locking nut assembly. This revolutionary design uses three spring-loaded vise grips that surround the nut clamping screw, allowing you to tighten and unlock your Floyd Rose-style locking nut without the need for an allen wrench. Furthermore, the retrofitting Tone Vise locking nut is made of hardened steel with steel clamps, making for a more durable and reliable alternative to the many licensed versions on the market. The Tone Vise locking nut kit includes the nut base, clamping blocks, springs, keyless vices, and 2 mm hex wrench for one-time installation.

With over forty years of experience in manufacturing and distribution, AP International has been a pillar in the music industry known for making and representing only quality products. Company president Andrew Papiccio, an original owner of Kramer Guitars and founder of Floyd Rose Marketing, continues to search for new innovations that accompany the renowned tremolo system. The Tone Vise nut is no exception.

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