Sarah Clanton “Here We Are”

Sarah Clanton "Here We Are"

Sarah Clanton a classically trained cellist from the age of 9 and reignes from Nashville, Tennessee brings joy and happiness to the pop and classical mixed world together. Her latest release “Here We Are” puts you in a really good time feeling mood, which is something we need in this world today with all that’s going on in this nation. Clanton has a top-notch set of musicians backing her up on this 12-track album and it was co-produced by Eric Loomis, Sarah is a singer/songwriter and knows how to get her audience wrapped up in the movies in your mind while listening to each of her tunes, I feel that each song is a short film that you can actually visualize playing out in your mind if your imagination can work that way, if it can’t work that way then you can also put yourself in each of these penned pieces as the person she’s singing about.

Each of these quality and time taken written pieces will get you hooked into her music and make you wonder what could be next in line while listening through for your first time. “I Can See You” opens up this album with an infectious beat and groove and also very catchy lyrics, whereas “Come And Find Me” has a classic ballad style from the late 90s where we had lots of those and then they faded out into the hip-hop and clubhouse beat, so this is a refreshing reminder of songs that can still be written with a meaning in today’s standards. “We Belong” has the sound of early Sheryl Crow but has the lyrical influences from this writer’s perspective of Nashville’s Kim Richey and Gretchen Peters who’ve both written songs for other artists and have also made a name for themselves Peter’s having written “Independence Day” for Martina McBride, and Richey writing “Those Words We Said” for herself and Trisha Yearwood, this piece has all the signs of these two artists influences. “Slow It Down” has an infectious harmonization that just gets in your head and thinking of different female duos that could be performing this one duo comes to this writer’s mind and that’s indie pop rock’s Tegan and Sara this would be a perfect track for them to perform in their shows and even record. “Head Games” gets you in the mood to go out to a club in a really feeling good mood to dance much like Sheryl Crowe’s All I Wanna Do we could use a song like this one on top forty radio to get everyone in their cars driving and in a good mood on their way to work or where ever you might be on your way to when hearing this. “Can’t Find The Words” we get to hear Sarah shine on her instrument which is the cello in this piece an instrumental that puts her true talent out there and would fit in a movie especially one of those type of flicks where you’ve got a couple on a temporary break-up and both characters are remembering the good times they had together while this plays through the montage of memories for both before they get back together at the end of the film. “Silver Lining” there’s nothing more than what we need to have at the end of any situation we’re in for this day and age which is what all our parents and peers told us all the time and still do which there is always a silver lining in every cloud isn’t that the truth all. “Breathe In and Breathe Out” a-rockin’ feel good to your toes beat with a Rolling Stones flavor added to the tempo makes you want to hear it more and more. “On Repeat” has that get up out on the dance floor club beat to keep you dancing the night away until the morning light. “Bang Bang” has that late 40s early 50s style like Christina Agulera’s Candyman song with a concentina playing throughout this fun styled treat. “Hello” is one that may need to grow on you a little as you play the album but is chock full of sentiment as it is about a relationship where when you broke up you really didn’t want to but it just wasn’t working and so you wished you could just stay in it and keep saying hello instead of saying goodbye. What better way to close out the album but with a classic cover that you never hear much of on the radio anymore and Sarah chose to close out with Brenton Wood’s classic “Oogum Boogum” which again is just one of those fun silly infectious songs that you won’t be able to stop humming for the rest of your day along with all the other tracks on this release from Nashville’s own Sarah Clanton. I Can’t wait to see what she’s got in store and up her sleeve for the next album already.

This album is due out mid-November and will be available on your favorite media platforms including Spotify, Amazon and more.

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