Good Omen Bottling Sweeps the 22nd Annual Great International Beer Competition

Continuing to disrupt the beverage industry, Good Omen Bottling, LLC® took home Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals at the 22nd Annual Great International Beer, Cider, Mead, & Sake Competition. In the category of Fruit & Spice Ale, WILD TONIC® High ABV Kombucha placed as follows:


Founder Holly Lyman beamed with joy upon discovering that her brewing team had not only submitted her most recent innovations but also that they had won! “We have been working on several totally new types of ferments for some time now,” Lyman said. “Almost as soon as they were finessed, the team secretly entered them in the GIBCC. I am beyond delighted with the results. Sweet Backwoods Bliss™ invites you to escape to the backwoods any day of the week. This barrel-aged brew enchants the palate with subtle smoky notes of oak, toasted toffee, caramel, and maple, yielding to honey, tea, and vanilla, and finishing with honeysuckle and jasmine perfume. An enticing fusion of sweet summer strawberries and subtle citrus notes, Strawberry Blood Orange was created in concert with Canyon Ranch Chef Pete Ghione. And Hoppy Buzz® presents a delicate fruitiness with hints of apple and pear that yields to a pleasantly perfumed finish, punctuated by notes of orange and anise. Kombucha connoisseurs, curiosity seekers, and naysayers alike may very well share an appreciation for these newest ferments.”

The awards for the 2018 competition were presented on January 27, 2019, at Brewport, a brewpub in Bridgeport, Connecticut, during the annual Connecticut Real Ale Festival. According to GIBCC, “seven hundred and thirty (730) beers, ciders, meads and sakes from across the U.S. and from around the world entered the competition. One hundred (100) professionals who work in all three tiers of the beer, cider, mead and sake industries plus food and drinks journalists acted as judges in a blind tasting format. First, second and third place awards were presented in sixty-seven (67) categories of beers, ciders, meads and sakes. The judges knew only the style, subcategory, ABV and any special notes (such as special ingredients used) for each entry.”

Since then, WILD TONIC® has been expanding exponentially, collaborating with 39 distributors to make WILD TONIC® Hard Jun available to WILD fans in 28 states, with more onboarding daily!

About Good Omen Bottling, LLC®
At WILD TONIC®, our passion is for pioneering cutting edge ferments in the world of Craft Brewing. Our leading, award-winning Hard Jun Kombucha, along with our non-alcohol Jun, emanate mastery of the ancient art of fermentation with the unique use of sustainably sourced honey for an unparalleled signature smooth taste. We infuse exotic varietals of teas with organic fruits and botanicals to create light yet flavorful elixirs that promote an overall sense of wellbeing and elevated drinking experience. The effervescent nectar inside of each cobalt blue bottle is a crafted expression of our commitment to uncompromising quality, exceptional taste and conservation of the bee population for future generations. At WILD TONIC®, we want you to feel good about what’s inside.