Morley Celebrates 50 Years with a Commemorative Chrome Bundle

Morley, makers of pedals, switches and Ebtech® audio solutions, is celebrating 50 years in the effects pedal business! Bill Wenzloff of Morley states; “The origins of Morley pedals goes back much earlier than 50 years, however 1969 was the year we started seriously making guitar effects under the Tel-Ray name that led to the creation of Morley brand and line of pedals. We are all proud to be part of such an iconic brand name. We will also be celebrating in various ways throughout 2019, this special Chrome Bundle is just the kick-off.”

This limited edition chrome bundle will be limited to 300 pcs worldwide. It contains a special run of a chrome mini Power Wah, chrome ABY, a commemorative booklet showing a few interesting products over 5 decades, a retro Morley Man Sticker, and a few other special items. Everything is packaged in a beautiful collector’s box. Each chrome bundle will be numerically serialized #1 to #300 (Street Price of $399).

This special chrome bundle is available for pre-order right now and is scheduled to start shipping mid-November. It is a fitting tribute reminding us where we have been, where we are now and offers a glimpse into our future.