Hotline to the Underground 2020 TOP 10

This week’s review DEEP PURPLE, WHOOSH, plus the Joe Vig Top 10

1)”Add the Address” Deep Purple This track from the new Whoosh album is a remake of a track from 1968’s Shades of Deep Purple album. A real study hearing producer Bob Ezrin work with this outrageously popular group 52 years after the first impression Truly great stuff, the album is solid, every track has the magic. See my review below.

2)”The Weather” Gaviiformes …I love this track. My colleague at, Nicole Anzuoni, turned me onto this track. It’s fantastic. Rolling Stones from the Beggars Banquet era meets R.E.M., a delightful, sustaining five minutes and seven seconds. This is such a keeper. The song takes subtle twists and turns with a chanting hook that adds the frosting on the cake. The YouTube page says “98° and sunny on the Richmond Street roof, North End Boston” – cryptic from a band with lots of potential

3)”Today is Gone” from Medium
Thick guitars and a mesmerizing chant from Neeto Blue (Tony Porfirio,) Matt Smith on rhythm guitar, Jacob Porfirio on lead guitar, Floyed on bass, Glenn Landon on drums. The under three minutes (2:57) directly from the Velvet Underground third album school of rock.

4)”Enchanted Glasses” Steve Keith
Intricate and poppy with a psychedelic video. Contemporary music with 1960s vocals. This is an amazing track from the Private Lightning bassist. Reminiscent of Jeff Hudson’s work with Greg Hawkes of the Cars. I could play these songs all in a row on the air and it would be great radio.

5)”Tears” Kenny Selcer and Steve Gilligan …the two minstrels of the Concord/Boston folk music scene come up with a precise, fine-drawn introspective look at the 2020 pandemic. Kenny Selcer – vocals, guitar Steve Gilligan – vocals, bass The photos on the video run through climate change, a deranged president and more. Tears ©Kenny Selcer, BMI Recorded 2019-2020 by Billy Mason and Kenny Selcer Mixed by Kenny Selcer Video Editing by Kenny Selcer

6)Greg Walsh’s June Gloom video is really fun – follow ups to his “Mr. Fix It” and Counting Down to Zero (From 1) – a very cool ballad, Velvet Underground if they were on mainstream pop radio in the 1960’s

7)”An Elephant Never Forgets” Peter Calo from his Time Machine album. Reviewing the live track on YouTube February 6, 2017. This is a tremendous statement on what is going on in the world with this amazing species.

8)”Too Many Cooks”(Spoil the Soup) Mick Jagger, Produced by John Lennon with Lennon on guitar. It’s Willie Dixon’s song recorded in 1973 with Jim Keltner (drums), Danny Kortchmar and Jesse Ed Davis (guitars), and Somerville’s own Al Kooper on keyboards. December 1973 from the Record Plant. On the Top 10, of course, for Lennon’s 80th birthday (born October 9, 1940.)

9)”Siren’s Call” from Brian Walker Modern Pop on Spotify. As with Steve Keith (above on this list,) Walker takes Roxy Music’s “Edition’s of You” and its “sirens sweetly singing” and brings the tempo down fifty years on. Unique and highly listenable. The song builds to a crescendo to conclude this ten song playlist I’d be proud to put on the air.


10)”Stay the Night” Sam Kaiser A beautiful folk/pop love tune up on YouTube Don’t always like to compare to other musicians, but this would fit perfectly on Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water album.