NBA Finals Game 1 Review: Point God’s Statement

The Phoenix Suns have one game down and three more left to win after defeating the Milwaukee Bucks in game 1 of the NBA Finals last night in the Valley. Chris Paul, who has the most on the line, played like a man who is playing for a championship and a legacy.

Chris Paul’s stat line of 32 points and nine assists only tell part of the story. It was how he attacked mismatches, whether Portis, Lopez, or whoever tried to guard him last night. It was how he ran the Suns’ offense, with the pick and roll devastating the Bucks’s defense all night. The phrase luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity described CP3 last night. He made his own luck by being a player prepared for the opportunity he has so long wanted.

Will Game 2 be the same as Game 1 in the Valley? If CP3 keeps doing what he did last night, his legacy will be made.

Special thanks to guest contributor Matt Willis for this contribution.