NBA Finals Game 2 Review: Can’t Win With Just One Player

The Phoenix Suns have held down home-court winning game two last night and taking a 2-0 series lead heading to Milwaukee for a pivotal game 3 Sunday night.

The reason for the win is what has been the recipe for when the Suns win in the playoffs. Devin Booker and CP3 both played great for Phoenix last night. When these two guards play great, they become a tough team to beat. They compliment each other perfectly as neither has an ego, and each knows what they excel at. While Booker is the scorer and the go-to guard for buckets, CP3 can also get buckets but sets everyone up to be at their best. Throughout the playoff run, Deandre Ayton has been the 3rd wheel to get Phoenix over the top. When he plays well, the Suns will win. But it is not just Ayton as the guy who has to step up, and it can be anyone. Bridges scored 27 last night in the win. Both players in the 2018 draft have been instrumental and are a big piece of why they are in the finals.

While Giannis stepped up in game 2, the rest did not. If the Bucks want to win any games in this serious, Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday must step up. They can’t go for a combined 12-37 with only 28 points. The Suns seem fine with Giannis getting his stats, but if these 2, along with the other role players like Lopez, Tucker, Portis, Connaughton, don’t step up, this series for Milwaukee will be over quickly. Milwaukee has been fortunate this playoff run by defeating a banged-up Nets and an injured Hawks team. Unless everyone plays their best, Milwaukee won’t win a game this series

Game 3 is do or die for Milwaukee. If they lose, the best case is likely the gentleman’s sweep as this Suns team looks too good for Milwaukee to compete against.

Special thanks to guest contributor Matt Willis for this contribution.