Guitar Gear Review: The Protec Gold Series Electric Double Guitar Bag

My 40 years of playing the guitar predate the gig bag by a few years. I remember in my teens carrying my guitar in a knapsack with the neck sticking out on my 10-speed bike fondly. In my 20s, my first gig bag traveled hundreds if not thousands of miles on Boston’s subway system.

As my guitar collection grew, I sought out a more reliable and stylish way to carry my beloved instruments. That’s when I stumbled upon Fieldtex, a custom sewing manufacturer renowned for their high-quality bags and cases. The first Fieldtex bag I purchased felt like a revelation. Its durable construction not only protected my guitars but also brought a touch of sophistication to my travels. Their attention to detail and commitment to crafting products that withstand the test of time truly resonated with my musician’s soul.

Over the years, like many other guitarists, I have perfected the system of having a gig bag on my back, a practice amp in one hand. And a gig bag in the other for portability. The one item this system lacks is a backup guitar.

Protec has delivered a phenomenal solution for this challenge. The Protec Gold Series Electric Double Guitar Bag has two separate chambers for each instrument. The individual chambers are well padded to separate the guitars from each other and through the bag’s construction. Looking closer at this gig bag, you will notice the heavy-duty stitching and incredibly thick canvas strapping.

I remember my old subway days when my shoulders would get sore from carrying the gig bag. When holding the bag by hand, I would have to switch hand-to-hand because of fatigue. One of the most significant benefits of the Protec Gold Series Electric Double Guitar Bag is the thickly padded shoulder harnesses and dual handles. Even with two Gibson Les Pauls in the bag, I could wear the guitar bag all day.

The bag has three roomy gusseted exterior pockets. I have non-crowded areas to keep my notebooks, iPad, and another pouch for strings, picks, and essential guitar tools.

What I love about this bag best is I can keep both of my guitars together. No more leaving one guitar in the club or car as I fetch the other. As I said, I travel with two Les Pauls. I prefer to keep $4,000 – $5,000 in guitars close to me at all times.

The best thing about this bag is the price. At $109, the Protec Gold Series Electric Double Guitar Bag is priced similar to comparable single guitar gigbags. A worthy investment for the working musician.

Protec Gold Series Electric Double Guitar Bag can be found on,,, and other major music retailers’ websites.