Blue Moon’s Moon Haze Beer Officially Hits Shelves Nationwide

Moon Haze comes in 6- and 12-pack offerings.

Today Blue Moon Brewing Company announces the nationwide launch of Moon Haze, its award-winning hazy and juicy pale ale. Brewed with dried, whole oranges, Moon Haze brings a bold, juicy flavor and Blue Moon’s signature orange color together to invigorate the hazy craft beer scene.

“Blue Moon is one of the pioneers of craft beer, and as the category continues to evolve, the brand keeps adapting to compete in growing craft styles, especially in the hazy category,” said Joy Ghosh, vice president of above premium beer at Molson Coors. “That’s why we are putting our signature Blue Moon spin on the red-hot hazy segment with Moon Haze, embodying our iconic orange color and bright flavor into our first-ever hazy and juicy pale ale.”

Unlike Blue Moon’s flagship Blue Moon Belgian White, which is a wheat beer, Moon Haze is the first, nationally-released pale ale from Blue Moon Brewing Company. Moon Haze has a juicy orange, tropical, coconut taste, an aroma of heavy citrus tropical with notes of orange, pineapple, mango, a whisper of coconut, and a smooth taste with a touch of bitterness to finish. The beer has a 5.7% ABV and is now available nationwide in 6-pack and 12-pack offerings of 12oz cans.

“With Moon Haze, the experience starts before you take a sip – you drink in the hazy golden change from orange color with your eyes and smell the citrusy and hoppy aroma,” says John Legnard, Brewmaster at Blue Moon Brewing Company. “It surprises and delights because it’s got all of the fruitiness and creaminess of a Belgian White but with this unexpected bite and clean finish thanks to our recipe – wheat, pale malt, oats, whole dried oranges and unique blend of tropical hops. The juiciness of Moon Haze will set it apart at marketplace, and we can’t wait for consumers to try it.”

For more information about the new Moon Haze beer from Blue Moon, and where to purchase your own, visit and follow the brand @BlueMoon on Facebook, and @BlueMoonBrewCo on Twitter and Instagram.

About Blue Moon
Blue Moon Brewing Company takes pride in the quality and creativity of its beers and embraces the process it takes to get there. Our founder and head brewmaster, Keith Villa, dreamt up Blue Moon Belgian White while spending time living and learning in Belgium. Years later, we still pull inspiration from the people and places around us. Since our first creative twist in 1995 in Denver, we have continued to have fun experimenting and trying out new styles for our fans to enjoy. That’s why at Blue Moon Brewing Company, something’s always brewing. More information is available at

SOURCE Blue Moon Brewing Company