Meet Mavis: The Newest Addition to the Moog Semi-Modular Family

Mavis, a new all-analog semi-modular synthesizer, delivers legendary Moog sound in an affordable and compact musical machine. An inspiring and expressive instrument, Mavis offers serious value to anyone looking to learn synthesis or explore Moog sound in a new way.

This build-it-yourself synthesizer kit is ready to come to life as a powerful, patchable analog instrument, either mounted in a Eurorack case or on its own. Mavis’s intuitive design allows for immediate musical exploration (no patching required) and is ready to guide your journey through the expansive world of modular synthesis through its flexible patch bay and accompanying educational resources.

Mavis features the first-ever Moog wavefolding circuit, allowing for additive synthesis to sit alongside traditional subtractive synthesis, unlocking sounds never heard before on a Moog instrument. Mavis offers incredible value through its clever collection of circuits, including two oscillators, full ADSR, a ladder filter, sample and hold, attenuators, mixer, mults, and much more, providing all the tools needed for creative patching and sound design.

Mavis delivers huge depth of sound to any creative looking to begin their journey into synthesis, expand their Moog ecosystem, or enhance their Eurorack setup.

Mavis Performances: AceMo, Arushi Jain, Nite Jewel & Silent Servant
To showcase the sonic range of Mavis, we spent time with four unique electronic artists to document a series of original synth-centered compositions.

These songs were written and performed inside each artist’s personal creative space, demonstrating how they use Mavis as part of their larger production setups. The seven songs performed in this video span genres and styles, illustrating how Mavis easily integrates into a variety of modern electronic music workflows.

Mavis makes learning synthesis or expanding an already-advanced studio setup accessible to anyone looking to explore a full range of classic and modern Moog sounds.

This compact yet mighty 44HP rackable monosynth with 100% analog circuitry, a built-in keyboard, 24 patch points, a protective cover, and an all-analog sound engine is available today at authorized Moog dealers worldwide!

To order your Mavis semi-modular analog synthesizer, contact your favorite local Moog dealer. To learn more about the instrument, visit

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