Hannah Cutt Drops Insightful “Happy in Hell” First Single from the Upcoming EP Misery in Heaven

Hannah Cutt explains, “I wrote ‘Happy in Hell’ as I was coming to terms with my depression. I’m bipolar 1 and I’ve only had a few manic episodes so I’ve spent a lot of my time depressed. For me it causes more pain trying to get myself out of it, so it isn’t about having a good perspective or looking at bad scenarios in a good light. It’s about being in a Hell in your mind and being fine with never seeing Heaven.”

“Happy in Hell” is the first single being released from the upcoming EP Misery in Heaven which will be released later this year.

“Misery in Heaven is very dark. It has very catchy big fun choruses, which is what I love, but the subject matter is not so fun. I’m bipolar and it has taken me to places mentally that I would only wish upon my worst enemy. A world that is grey, tired, empty and has an eeriness that is hard to describe.

I used to tell my father that the world felt evil and everything physically looked flat and one dimensional as if everything was written on a graph. It’s crazy because when you are manic it is the opposite. Photos and TV look 3D. The EP’s title, Misery in Heaven, sums up what life is like after a manic episode. I have a dream life but a nightmare of a brain, ” says Hannah Cutt.

Hannah CUTT writes and records her soulful and brutally honest body of work in her native home of Los Angeles. An old-soul powerhouse, her lyrics have been described as edgy and raw and her songs are both an exploration and discovery of self on her journey towards sobriety. Hannah Cutt describes her music as “pure catharsis.” In turn, her career has been an ode to finding new life through music.

Hannah Cutt released her debut rock EP Nightmares, produced by GRAMMY Award winner Scott Storch in May of 22. Her sophomore EP Misery in Heaven is scheduled for a 2023 release.


Growing up half the time in Manhattan Beach with her dad, Cutt says, “I was more of a tomboy. I surfed, skated, snowboarded, and was a successful competitive horseback rider. I actually hold a record in riding: I’m the only rider to win all four national championships in their division on the same horse in one year! Now, I’m hoping to break some records in music.” Hannah Cutt has performed at iconic LA venues like The Viper Room, Whisky a Go Go and The Troubadour.