Beer Destination: Mohegan Sun

Beer Destination: Mohegan Sun (March 23 2008)
It has been a while since I have visited one of my favorite drinking holes in the Northeast.  Mohegan Sun Casino and Hotel. For those of you that have never visited Connecticut’s most eclectic destination let me describe this wonderland.  This self supporting environment has a 10,000 seat arena, an arcade, a modest shopping mall with 40 or so shops, 25 – 30 restaurants and around a dozen bars and clubs.  Unless you live in the heart of Manhattan or a similar metropolis I would imagine Mohegan has a lot more to offer than your city center.  What amazes me about this shiny cavern off bells and lights is how clean it is. Not just the building its self but also the atmosphere. I saw no sloppy drunks or out of control patrons. It was refreshing to see people dressed nice and behaving well-mannered. It was like a throwback to the golden era of casinos. 

 No, I didn’t see rat packers and sirens in petticoats. But the feel and vibe was there, every square inch of this place is packed with entertainment. In the center of the main casino floor is The Wolf Den, in full view of most of the casino. The Wolf Den hosts all kinds of top regional and national acts. Collective Souls are scheduled to be there as are 80’s progressive rock supergroup Asia and The Marshall Tucker Band.  

 I saw Asia in the 80’s after their first album came out. There is really no reason for me to see them again. After the first self titled debut there were not any Asia hits to speak of.  With the open concept of The Wolf Den I am free to look over and catch Asia doing “Heat Of The Moment” or “Only Time Will Tell” then get back to whatever I was doing. There is no need for me to sit through an hour of 80’s rock.  If I do want to be kept captive for entire show of searing 80’s guitar solos, Mohegan’s Arena host the best of the best. On the current schedule are Def Lepard, VanHalen and Rush. Think about the options here. You can warm up for a VanHalen show in the sports bar with a couple of beers. After the show you can continue the party in one of twelve lounges or bars. When it is time to retire your room is just an elevator ride away. 


 So what makes this a Suds With Securb destination? The assortment of beers and the variety of  places to drink them in this building is amazing. You can find anything from a light American lager to Sam Adams Utopias and everything in-between. Let me give you a quick look at my beer filled journey through one of the greatest resorts in New England.  

 The Dubliner – 1 Mohegan Sun Boulevard Uncasville, CT – The Dubliner is  authentic Irish Pub nestled inside of Mohegan Sun. Inside of the Pub all of the glitz and glamour of the casino is gone. You get the warmth and fell of Ireland. The Dubliner has Guinness on tap along with a nice selection of the expected Irish whiskies.  The nice thing about the Dubliner is the eclectic menu with the slight nod toward the Irish. There is corned beef and cabbage and bangers for those of you who want to have a truly authentic Irish experience. For those of you that are like me and want a little more heat and spice in your cuisine than a traditional Irish menu and offer The Dubliner has options. The Chicken Nachos are a generous offering and for me a great companion to my Guinness. The selections of various pizzas is also very nice ranging from a Taco Pizza to the New Haven White Clam Pizza. For those of you that are less daring of course the classic red is also available.  

 The Brew Pub at Mohegan Sun – 1 Mohegan Sun Boulevard Uncasville, CT – For those of you that have been to Vegas you know how hard it is to find a decent beer on the strip. You start to make a mental map of where you can find anything that is not an American pilsner or lager. In Vegas I write that off to the heat and the fact that people want something light and crisp to fight off the desert heat.  Trips to casinos in Atlantic City and other locations have shown my theory to be untrue, with the exception of one.  Nestled in Mohegan’s Sports Book is the Brewpub. The kettles sit above the bar allowing you to watch the brewers toil and brew. The Brewpub has an impressive selection of fresh brewed ales and lager along with the best view of the days sporting events. I strongly suggest the sampler, all of their fresh brewed beers are great and this will allow you to try them all.  You will also find fresh brewed beers from The Brewpub on draft at various bars throughout the casino.  

 Leffingwells – 1 Mohegan Sun Boulevard Uncasville, CT – This is an ultra hip three story glass bar in the center of the casino. It is very intimate and very comfortable with oversized chairs and dim lights. It is also my favorite spot for a night cap when visiting Mohegan.  Leffingwells is a martini bar and high end cocktail lounge by function. There is a modest offering of beers but not the reason for my late night visits. Hosting probably one of the best scotch menus Leffingwells also has a modest selection of brandies and cognacs. My usual choice in this endless collection of cordials is usually Sam Adams Utopia.   Leffingwell is one of the only places I have found that serves Sam Adams Utopia by the glass. What a great way to cap off a night of gambling, dancing or rocking. Typically I sniff away at the maple and vanilla aromas and think about the French Toast I will be having in the very same building the next morning for breakfast.  So as you can see Mohegan has it all. There is no need for cabs or buses. Leave your coat in your hotel room because there is no need to go outside. I urge you to visit the resort yourself to find out first hand why Mohegan Sun is a Suds With Securb top destination.