Big Beer from Legacy is a big hit

Mmmmm BeerREADING, PA- The big news from Legacy Brewing Co., is the introduction of the brewery’s big beer in big bottles. Since rolling out its line-up of 22 oz. offerings earlier this year, the response has exceeded the company’s expectations.

“We weren’t totally sure what to expect when we introduced this new product line in the larger bottles,” stated Dave Gemmell, Legacy president, “but, so far, we are very pleased. It’s now a matter of keeping up with the demand,” he concluded. “That’s a good thing,” he said.
The initial cases of “bomber bottles” featured the Legacy’s brews of: Euphoria, Hoptimus Prime, and Nor’easter. Since Nor’easter is a seasonal brew, it has currently been replaced with a new Belgian-style ale, Dear Abbey Dubbel.

Dear Abbey Dubbel is brewed with honey and spices and fermented using a Trappist Ale yeast. It is a dark amber brew with a rich, malty flavor with residual honey sweetness. This complex ale comes in at 7.5% ABV and 19 IBU.

For several years, Legacy has cultivated an ever-growing following of craft-brew connoisseur’s due in part to the brewery’s introduction of Euphoria, a Belgian-style Tripel. High quality candy sugar and European hops, combined with a true classic Belgian yeast strain, give Euphoria it’s unique complex flavor. This brew weighs in at 9.0% ABV and 22 IBU.

Rounding out this trio of Legacy’s big brews is Hoptimus Prime, a Double IPA. This beer is aggressively formulated with five different hop varieties, and then dry hopped for two weeks, ensuring a massive hop flavor and aroma. A recent review in the Beer Advocate, gave it high marks, and noted, “For what the style is (DIPA) it certainly hits the mark. Big, bold, hoppy, with a clean palate to let the hops rule.” The review also stated, “A killer beer for the hophead in you.”

Expected to be added to Legacy’s line-up in the next few weeks is Fat Boy Amber Lager. A brewery insider revealed that the Classic American amber lager will feature a full-bodied flavor and a distinct copper amber color stemming from a DNA of six varieties of two-row malts and a hefty pound per barrel of German noble hops. The brew is expected to finish out at 5.2% ABV and 18 IBU.
Legacy is highly optimistic with its introduction of Fat Boy Amber Lager, as the beer has been well received in all of the markets that have been tested thus far.

Fat Boy is expected to hit the streets in early summer in 12 ounce bottles. It will also be included as part of a new variety case due out in July. The new brew will be paired up with stablemates: Hedonism and Midnight Wit. The variety case will feature a combination of 2-12 packs in the standard 12 oz. bottles.

Gemmell also reported that in addition to the greater Philadelphia and central PA markets, the brewery has expanded its footprint into Massachusetts, New York’s five boroughs, Washington D.C. and Northern VA. Coming on-board soon are expected to be Connecticut, Maryland and Delaware. He also added that Legacy projects a 40 percent increase in sales in 2008, eclipsing the company’s record-breaking year in 2007.

News from Legacy’s sister company, Reading Brewing Co., is equally as promising, with the brewery’s Reading Premium now being offered in nearly 100 different establishments in Berks County, and increasing sales in Philadelphia and surrounding counties on up to Boston, MA. Brewery spokesman, Scott Baver, announced that the company is also releasing Reading Premium in 12 oz. cans in time for the July 4th holiday.