Absinthe Fans, Mixologists See Green with Integrity Spirits’ ‘Trillium’

Oregon distillers/alchemists look to distribute legendary elixir nationally

PORTLAND, Ore., July 8 /TMRzoo.com/ — Integrity Spirits , a Portland-based craft distillery, announced today that its new “Trillium” Absinthe — one of the first legally-available absinthe products in the United States, and the first ever produced in its home state — is now on shelves in Oregon liquor stores. In 2007, the U.S. loosened regulations on the production of this legendary and somewhat mysterious elixir (illegal in this country since 1912) … and opened the gates to a whole new experience for fans of premium spirits.

Trillium, named for an exquisite wildflower found in the Pacific Northwest, is as eclectic as its alchemist creators: award-winning Master Distiller Kieran Sienkiewicz and his partner, Apprentice Distiller Richard Phillips. In keeping with its historic French-Impressionist roots, the pair handcrafts the liquor in small batches with all-natural botanicals: lemon balm, damiana, hyssop, star anise, and of course wormwood (which delivers the now-legal amount of the chemical thujone that makes absinthe, well … absinthe!). The resulting brew shines with the traditional “Green Fairy” glow and a distinctive flavor that sets it apart from all other spirits.

Connoisseurs can enjoy Trillium in a ceremonial, “pour it over the sugar cube” approach — but, absinthe isn’t just for Van Gough any more. Trillium is sure to set a new trend for mixologists and bartenders, being one of the first truly new liquor categories to hit the market in decades, offering a wealth of inventive cocktail recipes. Collectors may also enjoy its designer bottle, created by ID Branding (www.idbranding.com). The bottle was imported from France and screen printed with an elaborate label depicting each botanicals used in its creation.

While Trillium is available only in Oregon liquor stores, distributors outside of Oregon can contact Integrity Spirits directly to inquire about availability. So, whether you’re an absinthe fan or wanna be, start asking for Trillium wherever you buy liquor, and in your favorite bars, today. While you’re at it, also ask for Integrity Spirits’ Lovejoy Vodka and 12 Bridges Gin brands (named to celebrate their hometown) — two top-shelf new entries into the premium spirits stratosphere, complete with designer labels that are bound to draw a dedicated fan base of their own.

About Integrity Spirits

Integrity Spirits is comprised of two guys who live their craft and concoct handmade premium liquors that incorporate natural ingredients and never fail to exceed the expectations. In addition to its flagship product, Trillium Absinthe, this Portland, Ore.-based craft distillery also produces Lovejoy Vodka and 12 Bridges Gin. To see the distillers live and in action, visit Integrity Spirits at 909 SE Yamhill or go to http://www.integrityspirits.com/.