TMRzoo NFL Playoff Pick ’em: Standings Update

NFL logoAfter three rounds of football and a total of 10 playoff games, we have finally arrived at the Superbowl. Superbowl XLIII to be exact. Before a single minute of Playoff football started this season we asked you, our faithful readers, to pick the exact path the NFL playoffs would take on the road to, and including, the Superbowl. An overwhelming number of you entered for a chance to win $100 in free gas and your choice of any one of the prizes you see currently up for grabs at the TMR Zoo. Even though we had many more entries than we expected, not a single one of you picked an Arizona Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Superbowl. Here are a few other details on your entries…

The most popular Superbowl Champion choices, by far, was a New York Giants repeat or the Tennessee Titans. Ironically enough, both of those teams couldn’t even win a single playoff game after earning the #1 seed in their respective conference and a free week off. The third most-popular choice was the Indianapolis Colts. That wasn’t a surprising choice at all, in fact it would have been my choice if I was allowed to enter the contest, but again, they couldn’t even muster a single win.

The Steelers were the fourth-most selected team to win it all for this NFL season, but only slightly ahead of the Carolina Panthers. 17% of the field picked the Steelers. That number was exponentially greater than those who actually picked the Arizona Cardinals to go all the way. Yes, that’s right, we actually had entries in which the Cardinals were selected to be Superbowl Champions prior to the playoffs starting. 3 entries to be exact… and that is exactly how many Cardinals fans there were in the country prior to the NFC Conference Championship being played. So it appears that we have 100% of the non-bandwagon Cardinals fans as readers of this site. Congrats to the three of you on your team’s success.

My favorite entry had the Dallas Cowboys winning it all. The entry was completely filled-out, but had the Cowboys moving through each round and winning the Superbowl. I can understand if the entry was submitted prior to the season starting based on the rantings of the national media and their obsession with that team, but this after the season was over and Dallas was out already. Jerry Jones hasn’t figured out to get his team into the playoffs when they don’t qualify… yet.

Going into the final game of this NFL playoff series, we have four readers still in the running for the grand prize. All three entrants that picked the Cardinals to win the Superbowl are still alive. Should Arizona win, it will come down to the final score since they all ironically have earned the same number of points in each of the first three rounds.

Only one contestant who picked the Steelers is still alive, so if Pittsburgh goes on to win their sixth Superbowl, no tie-breakers will be necessary. In fact, he picked every single game of the first two rounds correctly, but had the Philadelphia Eagles representing the NFC in the Superbowl. Congrats on you laser-accurate playoff predictions.

Here are the details of who can still win this pool:

Peter Duthoy: Wins if the Steelers win the Superbowl
Bryan Adams: Wins if the Cardinals win with a combined score of up to 49
Jeremy Johnson: Wins if the Cardinals win with a combined score of 50 to 54
Lawrence Davis: Wins if the Cards win with a combined score of 56 or higher

If the Cardinals win and there is a combined score of 55, then we have a tie and it’s time to get the coin out.

I hope everyone has enjoyed entering the TMRzoo Playoff Pick’em and our Beat the House competition as well. Enjoy your Superbowl parties and be safe. Even though the football season is over, the TMRzoo will continue to bring you the latest features and news on everything in the world of men’s interests. Stick around.