MTV Announces the Greatest Movie Badass of All Time is … Dirty Harry

MTV News Names Dirty Harry, Ellen Ripley and John McClane in Notorious Line-up Of the Top Ten Greatest Movie Badasses of All Time

This weekend at New York’s Comic-Con, MTV News presented its picks for the Greatest Movie Badasses of All Time. Coming in at number one was none other than renegade cop badass, Dirty Harry, as played by Clint Eastwood, followed by cinema’s greatest female action hero, “Alien” badass, Ellen Ripley, as played by Sigourney Weaver.

Last month, MTV News began the epic search by asking accomplished filmmakers, actors and fans who they think should be crowned ‘MTV’s Greatest Movie Badass of All Time.’ Resident MTV News movie expert, Josh Horowitz, hosted a panel at New York’s Comic-Con on Friday night and unveiled the list, alongside celebrity panelists Method Man, Judah Friedlander (“30 Rock”), James Toback (writer/director), and Chuck Nice (“Best Week Ever”).

Here’s who made the cut, listed by rank:

  1. Dirty Harry – “Dirty Harry”
  2. Ellen Ripley – “Alien/Aliens”
  3. John McClane – “Die Hard”
  4. Mad Max – “Mad Max”
  5. Walker – “Point Blank”
  6. Sarah Connor – “Terminator”
  7. Pike Bishop – “The Wild Bunch”
  8. Khan Noonien Singh – “Star Trek”
  9. Boba Fett – “Star Wars”
  10. John J. Rambo – “First Blood’

  Clint Eastwood speaks with MTV News about Dirty Harry’s inclusion

Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry character burst onto the scene in 1971 in “Dirty Harry,” unhesitant and non-repentant when it came to killing a criminal in cold blood. This badass hates the system, despises red tape, and has a strong affinity toward his gun, using it to dispense his own brand of justice. The character was seen again in “Magnum Force,” “The Enforcer,” “Sudden Impact,” and “The Dead Pool.”

“Alright thanks. You made a good choice,” said Eastwood on being chosen. “Now get out … I told you to get out. Don’t hang around goddamnit!”

Sigourney Weaver on Ripley making the list

MTV News also had the honor of speaking with Sigourney Weaver, who, as Ellen Ripley in “Alien,” “Aliens,” “Alien 3,” and “Alien: Resurrection,” elicited shrieks of joy and terror from millions of die-hard fans worldwide.

“Wow. Thank you. I think Ripley would be very pumped and I want to congratulate my fellow badasses,” said actress Sigourney Weaver on the nod. “I think we should have a big blowout badass party. You know? Bring your own flamethrower? There’s just one thing, maybe let’s not tell the alien that he didn’t make the top ten. He’s sort of touchy and the convention center is a big place. There are a lot of air vents and things like that so I don’t know…If you need me … who you gonna call? Right? Thanks again.”

Bruce Willis on the new “Badasses”

Bruce Willis, upon hearing about “Die Hard” badass John McClane making the top three, had the following to say to MTV News. “Thank you all so much. I have to say though that my badass days are behind me. I’m sitting here eating donuts. I’m impressed by the new badasses. That Matt Damon? That guy can pull a guy’s spine out of his body and show it to him in one move!”

Mel Gibson Reacts to Mad Max as #4

When asked about being included as the #4 “Badass,” Mel Gibson told MTV News “I’m the fourth baddest badass! I’m glad you told me [the first three] so I can avoid them [Clint, Sigourney, and Bruce] now. I think I can take Sigourney. It’s amazing to think that something 30 years old can still have some ring about it. And ring is the operative word for badasses. My badass has hemorrhoids. My badass needs a rest. You have my heartfelt thanks.”

In addition to fans, who voted via, contributing to the list was a badass group of celebrities in their own right. The experts included Edgar Wright (director, “Shaun of the Dead”), Frank Darabont (director, “The Shawshank Redemption”), Rose McGowan (actress, “Grindhouse”), Richard Kelly (writer/director, “Donnie Darko”), David Goyer (co-writer, “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight”), John August (writer, “Go”), Diablo Cody (writer, “Juno”), and James Gunn (director, “Slither”).

MTV News put together its own top ten list, garnering submissions from Josh Horowitz (Movies Editor), Larry Carroll (Senior Writer), Brian Jacks (Senior Producer) and the irrepressible Kurt Loder.

Check out for full event coverage of Comic-Con, including videos of the ‘Badass’ panel and acceptance speeches from Clint Eastwood and Sigourney Weaver. Later this week, MTV News will also be debuting an exclusive new interview with Mel Gibson online.