Revel Debuts Revolutionary Wine Cellar System

Patented Design Allows Collectors to View 70 Percent of Their Collection Without Disturbing a Single Bottle

Discerning wine collectors and enthusiasts now have revolutionary new options for displaying and storing their prized collections with the launch of Revel Custom Wine Cellars, a new company dedicated to providing high-end collectors with innovative solutions to the inferior “cork-out” designs widely used today. The company’s products are available through a growing network of designers, architects and wine cellar design companies throughout the United States, and can be ordered directly from

Revel Custom Wine Cellars was founded by James Cash, a longtime wine lover and successful commercial construction and real estate industry executive. The company was born out of Cash’s desire to build the ultimate cellar for his own premium wine collection. Uninspired by the traditional “diamond-bin” display systems utilized in most cellars, he decided to design his own system that would make the wine the focal point instead of the rack.

“The Revel system is the result of years of my own frustrations with traditional wine storage options,” explains Cash. “Diamond bins and standard storage racks seemed inconvenient and uninspired. All of these systems seemed designed to show off the system itself instead of the wine.”

In response to this challenge, Cash developed Revel’s revolutionary design elements, which make use of dowel-bottom sliding drawers and carousels. This approach allows for more efficient airflow between bottles and reduces wood consumption, but most importantly, allows for dramatically improved bottle visibility and ease of access. All shelves higher than eye level can be stocked with labels facing downward, allowing them to be easily viewed from below. In fact, Revel’s proprietary wine furniture design allows as much as 70 percent of a collection to be viewed from the center of the cellar; without disturbing a single bottle.


Revel systems borrow their design format from kitchen cabinetry, which typically includes base units and upper units. Each unit in the Revel System contains a series of sliding drawers that holds multiple bottles as opposed to a matrix of stationary, single-bottle cubicles that requires the bottles to be oriented “cork-out, or diamond shaped bins,” which can make it impossible to identify them without removing each individual bottle. Revel’s base units can accommodate either individual bottles or boxes, and are 25 inches deep. Upper units, which can either be hung from the wall or stacked upon the base unit, can be either 17 inches or 25 inches deep (to accommodate a counter area).

As an added benefit, Revel’s deep formats provide increased storage density, but eliminate the awkward “two-deep” traditional storage approach that requires placing one bottle in first and the second one on top, making the entire “first tier” practically inaccessible. In addition, Revel’s sliding drawers can be ordered to hold a collection either sideways or end-out, significantly improving access to the collection over the traditional “cork-out” orientation.

Revel’s patented dowel system can be configured to house any collection, including bottles of any size. The Revel system is one of the first to offer a practical approach to storing large-bottle formats in a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way. The new system also offers sliding drawers designed to easily accommodate all types of boxes and cases, removing many of the hassles generally associated with acquiring and storing wine in case lots.

One of the most striking products in the Revel collection is the company’s Wine Wheel(TM). Available in either base-unit height or in a floor-to-ceiling model, each tier can accommodate up to 18 standard bottles and operates as a “round,” or “Lazy Susan” configuration. The Wine Wheel enables collectors working with limited space to make efficient use of valuable corner space that would otherwise be wasted.

Along with the proprietary new racking system, Revel also offers customers the added benefit of providing expert wine-buying services courtesy of the company’s chief operating officer, Laurie Lindrup. Lindrup is a Certified Sommelier with more than 30 years of experience in exacting food and wine businesses. A passionate wine collector herself, Lindrup owned and operated a critically-acclaimed specialty food and wine shop prior to joining Revel.

About Revel Custom Wine Cellars:

Revel is the exclusive manufacturer of the finest wine racks and related custom millwork in the United States. Its patented, hand-milled wine racking systems are used in both commercial and residential properties where priority is placed on form and function by discriminating collectors of the world’s finest wine. The company’s products are available nationwide through a network of designers, architects and wine cellar design companies throughout the U.S. For more information, visit