Snookie Gets Blasted on Jersey Shore South Park Episode – Clips

We’re receiving a bunch of inquiries about whether we saw the South Park “Jersey Shore” episode that ran last night featuring Snookie (Snooki) or not. Since we strive to get you what you ask for (within reason) below are some still pics and a link to clips and the entire episode, as featured on

In the episode, Jerseyites appear to be taking over the town of South Park, starting with right next door to Stan’s House. Soon after, South Park’s various establishments are invaded by Jerseyites, shocking the residents of the town with their foul mouths, fighting and fornication. Will Colorado become West Jersey?

Along with the Jerseyites, another entity is infesting the town… a creature called the Snookie. All the Snookie wants to do is rape anything that moves, including Cartman. You’ll have to watch the epsiode to find out the rest.

You view the entire episode at, and specifically at or click the graphic below:

Here is another screen shot of “The Snooki” from the episode as it, or she, is raping Cartman:
snooki raping cartman on south park

What did the real Snooki think of the episode? Right after it ended she Tweeted: “snooki want smoosh smoosh. im going to have nightmares tonight lmao!!! we’ve officially made it. goodnite my bitches.” At least the chick has a sense of humor.

Here’s an embedded 2-minute clip from the episode where the residents of South Park discover The Snooki… in case you don’t have the heart to navigate away from TMRzoo:

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