Electronic Arts Will NOT Be Buying Rock Band Developer Harmonix from Viacom

Contrary to popular belief, Electronic Arts will NOT be buying Rock Band developer Harmonix from Viacom, who has been actively shopping the brand.

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello stated:

When pressed on whether the publisher was considering purchasing the recently let-go Rock Band developer Harmonix, Riccitiello responded that such an acquisition would “look like I’m doubling down on yesterday.” He added, “I’m sure some smart investor will buy the business feeling that they can catch a falling knife, but more people have been cut trying to catch falling knives than have benefitted from getting the timing exactly right.”

Electronic Arts is said to be adopting a conservative approach to its financial acquisitions, and the crash of the music genre in the last two years may have made them wary. However, one would think that also makes Harmonix a less expensive product to purchase.

Stay tuned.

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