New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez Picks His Nose and Wipes Booger on Mark Brunell (VIDEO)

There is plenty of talk this morning about the two NFL conference championship games played yesterday. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers made the plays that needed to be made in order to ensure their presence in Super Bowl XLV. Unfortunately for the New York Jets, they’ll be watching the Super Bowl at home, but there was one successful play by quarterback Mark Sanchez that people are still talking about.

In the first quarter of the AFC Championship game, Mark Sanchez successfully picked a booger and wiped it on his back-up QB, Mark Brunell’s jacket. How the hell do we know about this? Well, the act was caught by the national broadcast camera. You can check out two versions of the clip below, but beware, they might not be on for long due to the NFL’s boomstick.

If you listened to the Howard Stern Show this morning, both Howard and show producer Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate both loved the act and thought it was hilarious. According to Gary, a longtime Jets fan, the booger-wiping made Sanchez much more endearing and his stock went up in his book.

Ironically enough, this was the only pick Sanchez accounted for during the game against the Steelers.


Check out the video below as they appeared on YouTube this morning:



Congratulations to the Steelers and Packers fans out there. It should make for a great Super Bowl.