Boston’s The Atlantics Release CD Single of Lonelyhearts/Tired Girl

The four-minute and 23 second classic included on the Rhino’/Atlantic D.I.Y. sampler was a barn-burner on Boston radio and a solid argument that had it been issued on a major label history would be different for the band that toured with Roxy Music and was a staple on the New England scene throughout the 70s and early 80s. A transition to Ball & Pivot and other spinoffs achieved certain levels of success, but if it all has to be focused into a single moment, this terrific release does it.

At 3:15 “Lonelyhearts” is eminently repeatable, you can just listen to the same tune in succession to itself and find satisfaction. Guitarist Fred Pineau has always been obsessed with Kinks riffs, inverting them, reinventing them and this nod to The Cars benefits from the understated paean to Ray Davies…but it is Pineau’s terrific solo which isolates the frenzy, splashes of rock & roll spirit that drive right back into the superb and catchy chorus. The guitar glides up under Bobby Marron’s intense notification that he can, indeed, hear your heartbeat. Engineered at the Hit Factory NYC in 1979 Great to have in this new package.

B/w Tired Girl is pretty ingenious as this is a more cat-like slinky spy novel come to life about some girl who has “been around the world” and is making a soft landing (or maybe not) with her tired boy. The late Bruce Wilkinson and Paul Caruso would both be proud, and should rest happily with this release of their important efforts. Tired Girl clocks in at 3:23…it’s on SOMETHING’S HOT and …it is

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