The Many Batmen Of Batman: Arkham City

Batman fans will have an orgasmic selection of skins to pick from in Batman: Arkham City, which will be available either as preorder bonuses or eventual downloadable content.

From left to right, you have the Batman Beyond skin. The next skin is Frank Miller’s vision of Batman from The Dark Knight Returns. Next to him is the Earth-One Batman, and then the 1970′s comic Batman. The Batman Adventures Batman is the most striking looking (oddly, his skin is cartoon cel-shade-ish, while Batman Beyond’s isn’t.) All the way on the right is the Arkham Asylum Batman gamers got to know from Rocksteady. Each one will be DLC and preorder bonuses for various retailers.

If that weren’t enough, Bat-fans will be excited to find out that Batman teams up with Bane in one mission in Batman: Arkham City. According to Rocksteady, Bane and Batman will team up to take down a gang distributing a “chemical contraband.” You have to be careful, however, because when Bane goes into his berserker mode, he’s just as apt to clock you as he is the enemies.

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