Drunk Mexican Man Cancels Christmas By Burning His Family’s Christmas Tree

This is the time of year that we love to share dysfunctional Christmas Stories. Our hearts are warmed by tales of dads well over their limit of eggnog or maternal meltdowns. This dysfunctional Christmas tale was caught on tape. Though the entire dialog is in Spanish most of us get the picture.

It seems this Mexican dad drank a bit too much cerveza and he is canceling Christmas.

The priceless part of this is the look on the face of the little boy in the video. He doesn’t cry upon hearing the news Christmas is canceled. No this young lad has an “I can’t believe this shit is happening again type attitude”

To accent his point or to spike the ball in the end zone the dad in this video finishes off his rant by lighting the Christmas tree on fire. I think Papá has his holidays mixed up. You light a menora not a Christmas tree. Then again maybe this guy’s name is Pedro Weinberg. Never the less he needs to lay off the cuckoo juice for the rest of the holiday.

So from all of us here at TMRZoo… Feliz Navidad we wanna wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of our hearts.