Dennis Hof Speaks to Oxford University on Legalized Prostitution (Video)

Dennis Hof, the flamboyant owner of The BunnyRanch in Carson City, Nevada, and star of HBO’s hit series “Cathouse,” has returned to America after traveling to England to speak at the prestigious Oxford University on the subject of legalized prostitution.

America’s preeminent legal brothel owner followed in the footsteps of six American presidents, Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa and The Dalai Lama with his speech at the 850 year old institution. Garnering rave reviews from the student body, Hof opened his speech by quipping, “It’s wonderful to be invited to speak at the world’s oldest university on the subject of the world’s oldest profession.”

Hof’s appearance at The Oxford Union was also greeted by a wave of press from the U.K. media. Dennis’ television appearances on ITV This Morning and Channel 4’s “5 Live” News were watched by millions of viewers, and The Daily Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Star newspapers circulated features on him all across the country. Radio was no exception, as The BBC blanketed their affiliates with interviews featuring Hof announcing plans to petition the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, for a permit to open a “BunnyRanch: London” location in time for The Summer Olympics.

Dennis was not without his detractors, as members of British Parliament appeared opposite Hof on U.K. television to raise objections to his efforts. Responding to MP Fiona Mactaggart’s charge that legalizing brothels in England would be a mistake, Hof retorted, “You can’t control the demand…You can only control the supply.”

Here is a video of Dennis Hof’s full speech at Oxford:

Dennis Hof is available for interviews concerning his speech at Oxford University, his efforts to open a BunnyRanch in London, and his take on what the city is doing to prepare for the wave of sex trafficking that is set to accompany The Summer Olympics when it comes to England in July. We have high quality video footage of Dennis’ speech at Oxford available for television outlets, and we can also provide a copy of the formal letter that Dennis wrote to London Mayor Boris Johnson requesting a temporary brothel permit that ignited a firestorm of controversy all across England.