Bottle Girl Gets “Job Offer” After Nude Romp in Parking Lot (Video)

24 year old Belinda Dobrowolski, a.k.a Bottle Girl has been formally charged for her drunken performance at a Terre Haute parking lot. It has been alleged Bottle Girl, Belinda Dobrowolski stripped down after the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza at the Vigo County fairgrounds. After removing her dress it is reported Belinda Dobrowolski performed a lewd act on herself with a bottle while naked.

According to The Smoking Gun: Dobrowolski removed her dress as various onlookers filmed her standing naked. Dobrowolski is then seen engaging in explicit sexual acts with liquor bottles (she is, um, aided at points by two unidentified men).

The graphic activity is met by hoots from an approving crowd of guys, one of whom exclaims, “This is awesome!”

In a television interview Bottle Girl says she is getting an agent and she has received “job offers” from California. I am guessing the offers are coming from some porn company, probably Vivid Entertainment. You can most likely expect to see more of Bottle Girl nude in a  porn coming to the video store near you soon.

Belinda Dobrowolski Bottle Girl Video

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