Monday Night NFL Football: Denver Broncos vs. Atlanta Falcons

Week one against the Kansa City Chiefs the Atlanta Falcons proved the have a killer offence this year. Matt Ryan has come into his own and looks like he is beginning his journey as an elite quarterback.  Wide receiver Julio Jones looked great coming of an almost 1000-yard rookie season. Future Hall of Famers wide receiver Roddy White and tight end Tony Gonzalez also stepped up; both veterans show no signs of slowing down.

Where this game gets interesting is can the Atlanta Falcons defense keep up with Peyton Manning 2.0? Peyton looked like the Peyton Manning of old against The Pittsburgh Steelers last week. The DirecTV spokesman surgically dissected the Pittsburgh Steelers secondary.

The Atlanta Falcons defense looked good last week against Matt Cassel and the Kansas City offence. There is a talent gap between Peyton Manning and Matt Cassel that cannot be denied.  If the Atlanta Falcons can walk away with the win on MNF week two, expect them to walk away with the NFC South this year.