The Sexxxtons, Monica and Jessica, Visit the Howard Stern Show (PICS)

The Mother-Daughter porn team, Monica and Jessica Sexxxton, visited the Howard Stern Show studios this morning to promote their adult film career. The pair are simply known as “The Sexxxtons” (not Sextons, please not the 3 X’s) and can be seen exclusively at their website via the hosted videos or the DVD you can only purchase at the site.

Howard grilled the mother-daughter combo on their videos and lifestyle. And no, they don’t even touch each other in their videos, sorry pervs.

Monica, the daughter, did most of the talking in the interview and seemed to be completely happy with their lifestyle, especially since she could pay her bills now. Although she was not happy with a recent appearance on the Anderson Cooper Show where she felt her and her mother were ambushed by other guests and the audience.

You can see absolutely all there is to see about Monica and Jessica, The Sexxxtons, at their official website Below are some safe for work photos of mother and daughter Sexxxton we have found around the web, including Click any thumbnail below to see the full-sized version:

Their debut video “Meet the Sexxxtons” can only be found at their website.

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