You Wanna See My Balls Prank Gone Wrong! (Video)

You have to give this kid credit he has a huge set of balls. He also has a small bag of them. He heads to Chatham one of the roughest sections in England and asks random strangers if they would like to see his balls.

No one is safe from this prankster’s wrath. He harasses policemen, security guards and even a 6 foot plus body builder. As you can see in the video the interaction with the bodybuilder does not go too well.

There is a girl in the video that doesn’t totally recoil from the proposition of seeing the guy’s balls. If makes you think if he went in with a smoother approach maybe just maybe she would have taken a look.

I am guessing seeing a set of balls is not a big thing for women in England. We learned today English lass Emily Gaythwaite was filmed performing a sex act on 24 men in Magaluf, Majorca. If Emily Gaythwaite can not only see 48 balls in two minutes and perform oral sex on the accompanying cocks. I am guessing showing off a single set in England is no big deal when chicks are giving out blow jobs for drinks.

Check out the You Wanna See My Balls Prank Gone Wrong vido below. If you would also like to see the Emily Gaythwaite sex act on 24 men in a Magaluf Bar uncensored video you can check it out here.

You Wanna See My Balls Prank Gone Wrong!