DIY: How to Turn Bullets into Headphones! (Video)

One thing we love on this site is DYIs. Of all of the instructional posts and videos we have done over the years this is without one of the coolest. This video shows you how you can turn some spent shells into ear buds.

Don’t have any ammo? Hit your local gun shop or shooting range. They will be happy to give you some. It is illegal to possess ammo without a license, empty casing are a not ammo. I am sure when you go to pick them up you will get schooled on your local laws any way.

There are some cool tool hacks in this video. Putting the shell in the drill chuck to work on it is a stroke of genius. This is a simple hack and it looks cool as hell. I would suggest leaving them home it you are planning on taking a flight.

DYI: How to Turn Bullets into Headphones! (Video)