Remembering B.B. King

On May 15, 2015 the world of music suffered a great loss with the passing of B.B. King.

Consistently recognized as one of the greatest guitar players of all time, King’s call and response style influenced some of the most recognized guitar players the world has seen.

His powerful voice and soulful guitar playing combined in a sound that was all his own, each note ringing out in clear emotion as King played from his heart.

Beyond the music he was regarded as a mentor as well as a genuinely friendly and warm person who routinely met with fans to thank them for coming to his shows.

Leaving behind a legacy of over 40 albums, his music will live on for future generations of fans to discover and enjoy.

Rather than clogging up this memory of B.B. King with a reiteration of easily researched facts and details of his life and career, I would instead rather leave this video of the late Mr King performing his 1970 hit ‘The Thrill is Gone.’

B.B. King will be missed by many the world over.

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