It’s Time to Take A Good Look at Ireland Baldwin…Nude

So what happens when you hit the lucky sperm club with a vengeance no one has seen before? Ireland Baldwin is the offspring of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin. This chick has some of the best DNA on the planet. But like all trust fund kids of this generations has shitty tattoos and thinks she is a model.

Ireland Baldwin has a set of breasts that are legendary; her beauty is unmatched. But alas Ireland Baldwin did not pick up the DNA in one area. At least in these pictures, it looks as if alas Ireland Baldwin has no ass. In the pictures in the gallery, it looks like if she were wearing jeans, we would assume she had CD cases her back pockets.

Not every woman needs an ass like Amber Rose or Kim Kardashian, but damn that looks like a very flat ass. But back to the titties. She does have a world class rack, and we do appreciate her getting naked for whatever cause she is naked for. Nude celebrity kids are always a traffic grabber on our site.

I was tempted to Wiki her before writing this to see if she did any work but simply I don’t care. Take a good look at the boobs of Billy and Steven Baldwins niece and enjoy. I hope your lower parts get a 30 Rock checking out the pictures.

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