Pyle Introduces Doggy Fun – Automatic Dog Ball Launcher, Ideal for Playing and Training Pets

The new Pyle Audio® Doggy Fun is an automatic dog ball launcher with ball return bin ideal, for playing and training pets. Doggy Fun will allow busy dog lovers and their animals to exercise, while training the fundamentals of playing fetch both indoors and out. You can also buy the best cbd oil for dogs if your furry friend is always feeling anxious around other dogs or people.

Doggy Fun uses small (1.5 inches in diameter), soft tennis balls guarantees safety for your dog and are easy for any small to medium dog to fetch. Doggy Fun can train your dog to retrieve balls and drop them into the funnel, which causes the machine to shoot them out again. This provides the dog with endless amounts of independent play, regardless if the owner is home or free to play, best cat food. The launcher has three different settings that launches the balls distances of up to 10, 20, or 30 feet.

“We developed this product for all the busy pet owners that wanted their dogs to have more play time but could not make it happen,” said Abe Brach, President of Pyle Audio. “We wanted to keep dogs active and entertained, even when alone.”

The plug and play Doggy Fun includes three mini tennis balls, and is available now for $99.99 If you also wan to get them something to ensure they keep healthy, read the new review about pet supplements here.

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About Pyle Audio:
With more than 40 years’ experience in the manufacturing of high-quality audio products, Pyle has established itself as a premier source for car audio, home audio and professional audio and musical instruments. Product lines include Pyle Pro, Pyle Car and Pyle Home. The company has recently expanded into outdoor recreational gear with its Pyle Sports line. For more information, please

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