Babicz Full Contact Hardware Unveil New LX2 Twin-Locking Tailpiece

Babicz and AP International, distributors of Full Contact Hardware, are proud to unveil the newly-patented LX2 tailpiece.  The LX2 features locking set screws combined with two stud nuts, firmly holding the tailpiece in place both laterally and vertically.

This twin-locking design creates the most stable, rock-solid tailpiece available on the market today.  The LX2 tailpiece is designed to fit Gibson-type Les Paul or SG model guitars and will be offered in chrome, black, and gold finishes.  The product is expected to ship in the second quarter of 2017.

“This new design was born out of my vision of creating a tailpiece with more stability, along with ease of adjustment. Any stability added to the bridge/tailpiece components always help with sonic purity and tuning stability.” –Jeff Babicz