Introducing Crystals Iconic Eventide H3000 Effect with Pitch, Delay & Reverb

Crystals excels at adding life to synths, guitar, and vocals

Eventide Crystals combines twin reverse pitch shifters with reverse delays and reverb. This iconic H3000 Harmonizer® effect can be used to create out-of-this-world climbing and cascading pitched delays or to create unique sounding reverbs. It features two reverse granular delays that can be manipulated by length and pitch. Crystals excels at adding life to synths, guitar, and vocals making them sound huge and majestic. From sound design to other-worldly solos, Crystals will spark inspiration.

Intro Special:
Get VST, AAX, AU for $39 (reg. $99)
iPhone & iPad for $9.99 (reg. $14.99)
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The innovative RIBBON control allows you to modulate many parameters at once. Manipulate the pitches to play it like an instrument or slowly increase feedback to make your signal explode into infinity. Need some extra gusto? Hold down the FLEX button to shift one octave up from the current pitch.

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