American Dream Machine release debut Deadhearts

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The debut album from infectious modern rockers AMERICAN DREAM MACHINE, Deadhearts, will see its long-awaited release on December 18.

“This record is filled with so much personality,” says guitarist Mitch LoBuglio. “Each song feels like a movie to me. It’s beautiful, yet heartbreaking. Aggressive, yet sensitive. Personal, yet relatable. Dare I say good songs? Songs that I can get behind and say, ‘This is real.’ I am extremely honored to have been a part of the creation of this album. It’s changed the way I think about songwriting and storytelling.”

Pre-orders are available now via iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify. A video for “Trapped Under You,” which is included as an instant grat track with pre-orders, will be released Friday via BVTV Music to coincide with the release of the record.

Together for just a couple of years, AMERICAN DREAM MACHINE’s songwriting has a remarkable maturity. With catchy hooks, punchy riffs, and driving, heartfelt, introspective lyrics, Deadhearts’ 10 tracks flow seamlessly together while each having a distinctive flair. “‘Deadhearts’ has a little bit of everything,” comments drummer Evan Milowic. Deadhearts was produced by Kile Odell (Motionless in White, Awake At Last).

Inspired by real life people and situations, the individual stories contained on Deadhearts will resonate with listeners. “‘Deadhearts’ is about life and death, and the people who shape your life along the way,” says vocalist/lyricist Shawn Adams. “Almost every song is about someone who has changed me – some for the better, some not so much. I wanted to give something back to them and tell their stories to people who might need to hear it. It’s important to me to let people know they are not alone.”

Deadhearts track listing:
2-Bad News
3-New Apocalypse
4-Still Breathing
8-Back to Life
9-Trapper Under You

Originally scheduled for an early summer release, AMERICAN DREAM MACHINE fell victim to 2020 every step of the way on the journey to the release of Deadhearts. The album’s unforgettable first single, “Bad News,” was scheduled for release with an accompanying video that had to be scrapped to due quarantine restrictions on filming. After releasing a second single, “New Apocalypse,” and pushing back the release of the album and cancelling tour plans, AMERICAN DREAM MACHINE decided to focus on releasing singles. Armed with a major premiere for the next single, “Dead,” the foursome was set for a major breakthrough when the video was pulled last minute due to misconstrued “controversial” lyrical content. AMERICAN DREAM MACHINE persevered, quickly finding another outlet for the anti-drug-inspired track. With the outlook for the coming months still looking bleak, the Virginia-based band has decided to move forward with giving Deadhearts its long overdue and deserved release to close out the year.

“We all personally went through a lot together to get to the point of being able to drop this album,” says bassist Scotty Murphy. “The songs on ‘Deadhearts’ are real, and they’re meant to speak to people about real things, real emotions and experiences.”

The group is currently in Nashville to work on their sophomore release, but in typical 2020 fashion, they have been sidelined by the entire band testing positive for Covid. Here’s to 2021 and the opportunity for AMERICAN DREAM MACHINE to carve their own path through the landscape of alternative rock!

Shawn Adams– Vocals/Guitar
Mitch Lobuglio– Guitar
Scotty Murphy – Bass
Evan Milowic- Drums