Music Review: Through The Noise – Tragedies

Let me start by saying a lot of music crosses out desks here at Most of it is good on its own merits. However, when something like Through The Noise lands in our inbox, we have to sit up and take notice. This hardcore metal band from Sweden is a force to be reckoned with.

The music is extremely well written and arranged. It is an eclectic mix of everything metal with touches of progressive metal, new metal, and a healthy dose of old-school hardcore. The drums are amazing, driving the band and switching lanes between metal and punk cleanly and accurately. Sometimes I swear I can hear some 80’s NYC hardcore in this band. Could they be Agnostic Front fans?

The guitar attack is aural heaven. The guitar work is percussive and throaty. The guitars are bassy and heavy without getting muddy or boomy. They bark with intense energy. The bass does a fantastic job of holding down the rhythm with the drummer and linking up with the guitars, like the drummer, changing lanes accurately at 100 miles per hour.

The vocals are impressive. The singer can bark like Anselmo yet is technically a much more talented singer. He shows range and control as he makes his way through these phenomenal songs.

I was only sent a sampler of these songs, but I am already licking my chops to hear the rest of this album when it drops.

Tragedies will be released by Eclipse Records on January 21, 2022