Videogame Roundtable Podcast: Let’s Try Again

Where’s episode 509? Completely unlistenable. Not to mention this episode had to be reuploaded due to file corruption. The guys discuss Valve luring cheaters into a trap, Nvidia predicting AI models 1,000,000 times more powerful than ChatGPT within 10 years, Sons of the Forest being inexplicably popular, EA making Dead Space 2 and 3 remakes, and an absolutely adorable Tunic plushie. The news includes:

  • Next Civilization game officially announced by Firaxis
  • Beyond Good & Evil 2 studio reportedly under investigation for “unprecedented” burnout and sick leave
  • Sony’s State of Play 2023
  • Blumhouse’s new gaming division will focus on “indie budget” games

Let us know what you think.