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2013 NFL Playoffs... Playoffs?
Blackouts possibly on tap for NFL playoffs

Quote:We're just days away from the opening weekend of the NFL Playoffs, and the Colts, Bengals, and Packers are all facing local blackouts because they haven't been able to sell out their games as of yet.


But what about the 4th game this weekend? The team with the scumbag, dregs of society fans?

Sold out in 3 minutes after being released.
For the Packers, there's a few reasons; For season ticket holders, it's $1,200 a piece and up for playoff seats. As always, the tickets brokers are also ass raping people. It's also going to be bitterly cold, they're saying a high of 4 degrees with the wind chill pushing -20...that's before the game.

It's still surprising that there are tickets available.
Speng Wrote:$1,200 a piece and up for playoff seats.

In that case, fuck that.

The forecast for Saturday here is a balmy mid-20s.
Colts are an indoor arena their fans have no excuse.
Sunday's Lambeau kickoff temp of 2 would tie for 10th coldest NFL game ever. Wind chill will be -15.

The 2008 NFC Championship in Lambeau was -4 and is 5th coldest. Wind chill was -24
Packers-49ers playoff tickets sold out

In addition to fan sales, a group of Packers corporate partners, led by Green Bay-based Associated Bank, purchased the remaining available tickets Friday to ensure a sellout and TV broadcast of the game throughout Wisconsin.
Well, that sucked. At least the Packers weren't embarrassed like last year's loss to the 49ers.
Speng Wrote:Well, that sucked. At least the Packers weren't embarrassed like last year's loss to the 49ers.

I only saw the 4th quarter. Both teams played pretty good... especially considering how cold it was. The last team to have the ball was going to win.
The Pats fans want Welker's head on a pike.

[Image: 45043120.jpg]
Securb Wrote:The Pats fans want Welker's head on a pike.

I saw the comments about Welker running the pick with intent to injure on Talib. Good stuff.

I don't always try to injure opposing players, but when I do, I use one of the smallest concussion-prone players on my team.

[Image: The-Most-Interesting-Man-in-the-World-te...50x150.jpg]

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