New Belgium Brewing’s 2º Below Offers A Reason To Come Inside

Ft. Collins, Colorado, November 17, 2008 – Come on in! After a long bike ride in the chilly air or an afternoon on the slopes, there is now an additional benefit to returning indoors; New Belgium Brewing’s 2º Below Winter Ale is back in the fridge for the winter season. Treasured for its bright, warming blast of Sterling and Liberty hops with tawny-roasted malts, 2º Below is available now through the beginning of the New Year.

Available in most New Belgium markets, 2º Below has made its presence known as the inventive winter brew that illustrates New Belgium’s commitment to Belgian-style brewing. The beer goes through dry-hopping during fermentation, which creates a rosy, floral nose with a hint of pepper spice and estery undertones.

“2º Below is traditional of holiday beers, offering a rich warmth that appeals to people during these colder months,” says Assistant Brewmaster Grady Hull. “This hoppy beer marries Belgian tradition with non-traditional choices, including using a hop that isn’t typically used for dry-hopping, and pushing it into a near-freezing state.”

In addition, 2º Below fans are encouraged to vote for their favorite winter seasonal at The Full Pint Website, which recently launched a poll seeking the best winter beer. You can check out the poll and vote today at

2º Below retails for approximately $7.99.