Michelob Brewing Co. in Full Swing with a Full-Flavored Collection of Beers

Answering Beer Drinkers’ Call for Exciting New Choices, the Michelob Family Takes the Reins to Deliver More Distinct Styles and Flavors

ST. LOUIS, Sept. 9 /TMRZoo.com/ — Since 1896, the Michelob name has captured what today’s adults appreciate most about their favorite beers — the best ingredients, high brewing standards and flavorful taste. Building off a foundation steeped in heritage, Michelob is proud to bring together never-before-released recipes and some familiar styles as part of the family.

Anheuser-Busch (NYSE:BUD) created Michelob Brewing Co. to give even more autonomy and creative license to its skilled brewmasters to brew their interpretations of classic styles to better meet the needs of adults who enjoy exploring different beers.

“We’ve been playing around with new recipes and experimental beer styles for years at our microbrewery in St. Louis, sometimes only brewing small batches for fun to showcase at beer competitions or special events,” said Nathaniel Davis, brewmaster, Michelob Brewing Co. “It’s exciting to be able to focus our attention on developing dozens of new styles under the Michelob nameplate that we can now share with beer lovers across the country.”

Davis works with a small team of brewmasters dedicated to brewing traditional styles of full-flavored beers. The team has access to the best ingredients, resources and brewing equipment that Anheuser-Busch uses to brew all its world-class beers.

Beginning today, Michelob Dunkel Weisse and Michelob Pale Ale are joining Michelob, Michelob Light, Michelob AmberBock, Michelob Honey Lager and Michelob Porter as beers available year-round to adults nationwide.

Dunkel Weisse is an unfiltered dark wheat ale brewed with a special Bavarian yeast strain combined with wheat, caramel and chocolate malts. This delivers unmistakable clove and banana tones with a roasted malt palate, but surprisingly light finish. The dark weissbier style has roots back to the 1520s, making this Dunkel Weisse perfect for any season.

Pale Ale, previously only available on a select seasonal basis in the annual Michelob Specialty Sampler Pack, can now satisfy beer drinkers throughout the year with its delicious floral and citrus nose. This gracefully balanced ale has a beautiful tawny-orange hue and a complex spicy character. After fermentation, the beer is aged on hops, known as dry-hopping.

Rounding out the family are the Marzen and the new Irish Red Ale. The Irish Red Ale is an all-malt ale brewed with toasted caramel malt to naturally produce its signature red color. Its fruity nose and initial malt sweetness is a classic interpretation of the style. Available for a limited time only as part of the new fall sampler 12- and 20-packs, Irish Red Ale accompanies Marzen, Pale Ale, Porter and AmberBock (20-packs only).

Anheuser-Busch is also bringing many of its distinct, specialty beers together under the Michelob nameplate. Shock Top Belgian White and Stone Mill Pale Ale, the first nationally available organic beer, will also be added to the growing Michelob collection as will Anheuser-Busch’s popular seasonal beers Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale, Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale, Sun Dog Amber Wheat and Beach Bum Blonde Ale. All of these recipes were first developed and hand-crafted in the Anheuser-Busch Research Pilot Brewery in St. Louis, the creative brewing heart of the Michelob Brewing Co.

To complement their new nameplate, the Michelob Brewing Co. beers are getting a fresh, consistent look. Each will be packaged in the brand’s signature embossed bottle with its raised ridge around the neck displaying a subtly arched label trimmed in muted gold. New six-pack carriers will show detailed information on the side panel about the ingredients, taste and color of each beer style. The bottom panel also includes fun facts about the Michelob Brewing Co. All the beers are now available in grocery and convenience stores.

In addition to building word-of-mouth buzz through sampling at beer festivals across the country, the Michelob beers will be supported with national print, television, radio and online advertising. The TV spots peek behind the curtain to show the family behind the Michelob family of beers. The brand also has an enhanced Web site where visitors can view ads, get information on beer and food pairings, read more about the Michelob Brewing Co. brewmasters and learn about the brands’ many awards. To date, the Michelob family of beers has been awarded nearly 40 medals at renowned competitions and festivals that honor brewing excellence.

Michelob Brewing Co. is a team of existing Anheuser-Busch brewmasters and sales and marketing professionals who will focus their attention on creating new beer styles and bringing them to adults across the country. Once the new recipes are perfected at the Michelob Brewing Co. they will then be brewed and packaged at any of Anheuser-Busch’s 12 regional breweries. For more information, visit http://www.michelob.com/.