Suds With Securb: Review Budweiser Black Crown – This Beer Screams Sports Bar with Every Sip

Suds With Securb Review Budweiser Black Crown Post image

Budweiser Black Crown is Anheuser-Busch’s latest reinvention of their brand. When this new amber lager was announced, speculation was abound in the beer community.

Some wondered if Budweiser Black Crown was being brewed to challenge the rapidly growing craft beer movement. Others thought Budweiser Black Crown would be more of a European style lager designed to take on the premium lagers of the world. Neither assumption could be further from the truth. Budweiser Black Crown is a solid American style amber lager, a great one at that.

True to the beer’s name Budweiser Black Crown is medium amber color with an almost nonexistent thin white head and decent lacing. Small champagne like bubbles give an indication of robust carbonation. The aroma is malt forward, clean with touches of fruit and grass. The mouthfeel is light but flavorful.  There is a nice wood and malt flavor upfront that finishes with a slight hop echo.

Over all this is a very well put together beer. This is not a repackaging of Budweiser; this is a new recipe with its own personality. I can easily see this beer challenging the hipster brands like Pabst Blue Ribbon for tap space.

The cleanness of this beer makes is a perfect pairing partner for a plethora of summer foods. Budweiser Black Crown would be perfect for a clambake, boiled lobster or any summer seafood dish. I can see this beer also going great with burgers and pizza.  Budweiser Black Crown screams sports bar with every sip – which make the Super Bowl the perfect time to launch this beer.

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For more information, visit the Budweiser Black Crown official site.