13-Hour Heroes Marathon

The second half of the highly anticipated 3rd season of Heroes begins in February, with all-new episodes presented on G4 on Tuesday nights

This Saturday, January 31st, G4 will present 13 hours of back-to-back episodes of the hit series’ third season, giving viewers an opportunity to catch up on the first half as they get ready for the second half next week

G4 Delivers the 13-Hour Heroes Marathon from 10am – 11pm, Saturday, January 31

Volume Three: Villains

 The Second Coming: The identity of the shooter is revealed, throwing Peter and Matt into uncharted territory; Sylar declares war on the Company and attacks its primary facility, but finds more than he expected on Level 5.
 The Butterfly Effect: Angela confronts Peter while Sylar declares war on the Company. A battle with Elle allows a dozen criminals with abilities escape. Claire discovers something new about her abilities.
 One Of Us, One Of Them: When four villains lay siege to a bank, Angela sends H.R.G. and her dangerous, new walking weapon in after them.
 I Am Become Death: Tasked to save a world destined for destruction, Peter must embrace a wild, dangerous ability to better prepare for the struggle ahead
 Angels and Monsters: Several heroes stand at major crossroads, facing personal decisions that could redefine who’s “good” or “evil” -Claire attempts to take down her first new villain.
 Dying Of The Light: As Hiro and others seize upon offers to join rival company Pinehearst Industries, Peter is forever changed by a meeting with its shocking founder.
 Eris Quod Sum: Trapped, terrified and cornered, Nathan & Tracy, Matt and Peter struggle for their lives against familiar faces – Elle makes a shocking return.
 Villains: To prepare for the confrontation ahead, Hiro explores what forces – and familiar faces – helped twist Sylar, Flint and Arthur Petrelli into villains.
 It’s Coming: Heroes fall as Arthur Petrelli declares war on wife Angela, son Peter and all that stand with them
 The Eclipse, Part 1: A powerful eclipse casts a shadow over all of the heroes that impacts their abilities.
 The Eclipse, Part 2: A powerful eclipse casts a shadow over all of the heroes that impacts their abilities.
 Our Father: The heroes bond together in order to put a stop to Arthur Petrelli.
 Dual: The heroes find themselves teaming up against one another and the good, or bad in all of them, comes to the surface.

Enjoy the marathon and join G4 on February 3rd for all-new episodes of Heroes Season 3 – Part 2