Will the Farter is ‘Blowing Up’ on the iPhone, the Ultimate Fart Machine is Now Available for Download

video inside post “Will the Farter’ s Ultimate Fart Machine” takes iPhone fart machine applications to another level providing users with real fart sounds, pictures, fart songs and even “the making of a fart proof gallery” with video segments. Available for download in the Apple Store for $1.99.

Flatulence is now cool, and “Will the Farter’s Ultimate Fart Machine” takes it to another level – an authentic fart machine with real farts and no imitations, has just launched for iPhone and iPod Touch in the Apple Store for $1.99. Known for his art for farting, creators NoNo Mobile and Ooh Wee Media chose the infamous “Will the Farter” who has appeared on the “Howard Stern Show,” because he is recognized as the greatest farter in the world.

The new application goes above and beyond other mobile downloads on the market because these are authentic farts, pictures, fart songs and even “the making of a fart proof gallery” with video segments.

There May be Many Imitators, but there’s Only One Originator

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Will, who is actually known as the greatest farter in the world, was flown into Los Angeles to create authentic, real farts in a soundproof studio simply to give those who enjoy farts something truly authentic.

Unlike other Fart Apps, “Will the Farter’s Ultimate Fart Machine” does not reproduce fake fart sounds, as none of the sounds were made by mouth, armpit or computer. Each and every sound is an authentic fart and comes straight from the “insides” of World Famous “Will the Farter.” Farting on queue, Will is credited with doing fart art on canvas; he also serenades his fans to some favorite classic songs like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Fart, Jingle Bell Fart and many more.

The download officially launched Feb. 21, to positive reviews, and “Will the Farter,” will support the application with a National Farting Tour in cities throughout the U.S.

2009 is the Year of the Fart

With the popularity of the fart ever growing, and becoming more comfortable in society, Will the Farter and Ooh Wee Media, have declared 2009 as the Year of the Fart. Farting and/or flatulence are becoming more and more socially acceptable, especially when there is no smell to accompany the sound. Today there are books, jokes, movies and television scripts, websites, more than 100 downloads, and many more insights into the world of the “fart.”

Why people enjoy the world of farts so much is hard to know, but from little children with whoopee cushions to comedians poking fun at “gas,” the jokes never seem to get stale and people just keep on laughing at the idea of farts. Farts have been noted in history and art throughout the ages from Horace to Dali to Mozart to Blake, and now “Will the Farter’s Ultimate Fart Machine” is allowing everyone to let out some air and have some fun.