Howard Stern Reveals Robin Quivers Cancer Scare (VIDEO)

It was a very emotional this morning on the Howard Stern Show as co-host Robin Quivers revealed that she has been battling cancer for over a year. The Robin Quivers cancer scare was discussed in detail by both Howard and Robin. Fans of the show knew that Robin had been broadcasting from her home for some time now, and that something wasn’t quite right, but they never knew, or were told, the exact reason why until now.

Howard was very emotional at times when telling the story, as well as Robin. Of course, jokes were strewn in throughout, but it wouldn’t be the Howard Stern Show if it wasn’t.

Robin revealed that the cancer was discovered when she couldn’t urinate. The cause was a cancerous tumor about the size of a grapefruit that had gone undetected. Robin never felt sick prior to discovering it. When it came time to operate, the doctors did not know what they would find once they opened her up. If it was something that could be removed, they would do so, but there was a chance that the cancer could have spread enough to where there was nothing they could do but close her back up and make her comfortable. The cancer was operable, but it took 8 hours to successfully remove the tumor.

Quivers credited Howard with saving her life, saying a conversation she had with him early on in the fight motivated her to keep going. She had told him that she was not willing to live with some of the limitations on her quality of life that might be a possibility due to certain treatment options. Stern convinced her that she absolutely had to keep fighting and yes, she could live with those limitations. Robin was very emotional when discussing this specific conversation and had to pause several times.

Below is a clip of the entire announcement, where it can be viewed on Howard.TV:

Robin Quivers Cancer Scare Announcement:

The ultimate announcement from today’s show was that Robin Quivers battled cancer and officially won. She endured radiation and chemotherapy and only missed 2.5 shows/days of work during the entire time, scheduling her treatment around work breaks and working from home. Robin was broadcasting from home again today, and will continue to do so for the time being, but it sounds like she will be back in the studio soon.