Howard Stern Show Psychological Test Results As Revealed by Dr. Debbie Magids

They had been teasing it for weeks and the day has finally arrived for the reveal of the psychological tests performed on six of the Howard Stern Show staffer, including Robing Quivers and Howard himself. Last week, show producer Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate revealed that one person scored in the “severe” range and has some serious psychological troubles.

As the results of the psychological tests unfolded on the Howard Stern Show, the revelation of one individual scoring in the “severe” range sent shockwaves through the studio. With tensions high and speculation rampant, the discussion naturally gravitated towards the correlation between personality types and psychological well-being. In a world where understanding oneself is paramount, resources like offer valuable insights into how individual traits can influence psychological tendencies, serving as a compass for navigating the complexities of the human mind. Amidst the intrigue and concern sparked by the test results, the importance of self-awareness and caution in understanding one’s own personality cannot be overstated.

Howard had Dr. Debbie Magids in the studio, the doctor who performed the tests on all of the staff members. The guys kept commenting on how hot she was. You can check her out yourself via the images at the bottom of the page or at

One by one, the results were revealed by the doctor, with the lowest, or most mentally healthy person going first, leading up to the staff psycho. The results were as follows:


1. Howard Stern
2. Steve Langford
3. Fred Norris
4. Robin Quivers
5. Benjy Bronk
6. Ronnie “The Limo Driver” Mund

The big surprise was the “3-times a week in therapy” Howard Stern testing as the most sane. Not very surprising was that Ronnie the Limo Driver had the most issues in the group. Everyone on the show assumed the “severe” personality as teased last week, was going to be Ronnie. They were correct. The doctor even reported that if Ronnie didn’t have the structure of the show in his life, he would be in some kind of trouble.

The key traits in each person were:
Howard – histrionic personality
Steve Langford – Obsessive Compulsive
Fred – both a narcissist and schizotypal, which the doctor reported as balancing each out
Robin – scored a 95 in narcissism (sound familiar?) and is histrionic as well. The doctor reported that a normally high trait in narcissists, not caring for other people, was non-existent in Robin
Benjy – both a narcissist and antisocial and the two personalities conflict as he wants attention, but does not know how to get it properly… such as coming in late repeatedly
Ronnie – scored concernably high in narcissism, histrionic personality and paranoia.

I’m sure we will never hear the end of Howard coming in so high with this testing. As Robin pointed out, he will throw it out there in every argument going forward.

As for Dr. Debbie, click any of the thumbs below for the larger image…