Moosehead makes waves with launch of Cracked Canoe

Moosehead Breweries Limited today dipped its paddle firmly in the premium light-beer category with the national launch of its newest brand, Cracked Canoe.

Moosehead says its new brand is aimed at an emerging beer-drinking demographic: more mature consumers who want the refreshment of beer but with fewer calories and less alcohol content. Cracked Canoe contains just 3.5 per cent alcohol by volume (versus four per cent for most light beer) and less than 100 calories per 355 ml serving.

Industry trends indicate a growing number of North Americans are attracted to the smooth taste and lower calorie count of light beer. “We identified an opportunity in the market place for a light premium domestic beer, in particular among men and women 30 and over who are purchasing premium brands,” says Moosehead President Andrew Oland, the sixth generation Oland to take the helm of Saint John-based Moosehead. “No one can deny the simple pleasure of enjoying a premium beer on a hot summer day. With Cracked Canoe Canadians can now get that satisfaction from their own national brewer.

“We believe Cracked Canoe is better than all other premium light beer available today,” Oland noted.

Cracked Canoe builds on Moosehead’s reputation around the world as a leading Canadian brand. There are few symbols more recognizable in Canada than Moosehead beer and canoes. “Both are meant to be enjoyed responsibly,” added Oland.

Cracked Canoe by Moosehead will be launched nationwide in both 355ml 12-can packs and in distinctive 6- and 12-bottle packs in May. It is the first brand in Canada to be sold in the 355 ml sleek can which is taller and more slender than the standard beer can.

Moosehead Breweries Limited traces its roots to 1867 and is the largest Canadian-owned brewery. Moosehead sells its beer throughout Canada, the United States and in 15 countries around the world.