Entire Michelle “Bombshell” McGee Interview from the Howard Stern Show is Now On Howard TV

bombshell-mainYou heard the interview live on the air this past week, now you can see Michelle “Bombshell” MaGee answer all of Howard Stern’s tough questions via Howard TV. Starting this past Wednesday and running up until May 27th, the entire interview will be featured on Howard Stern’s On Demand Cable channel, Howard TV.

During the interview Howard grilled Bombshell on her tattoos, her stripping career, and oh… that little affair she had with Jesse James, Sandra Bullock’s husband. As you can see in the clip below, Michelle didn’t hold anything back in the interview revealing that she met Jesse through a “job interview” that was set up through MySpace and she had sex with him that very day.


Also during the very candid interview Michelle stated that she wished she could easily take away all of her tattoos and regrets ever getting them… but it still getting ink since the “damage is already done”. Howard pressed her on the swastika and the Nazi photos and Michelle shrugged it off to be a foolish youth.

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Check out the clip below for a preview of the interview, but to view it in it’s entirety, you’ll have to see it on Howard TV. Check out HowardTV.com for the complete run time schedule.

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